Dealership of technical assistance of group official white and confort line
Technical Assistance center for authorized brands:  

altThe CAT-AVS, Individual ownership, is a company installation and / or repair of electrical home appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, etc..) And line comfort (air conditioning, boilers, water heaters and eco-emitters).

The CAT-AVS, Individual ownership, holds the official granting of technical assistance, in the western zone, of the Algarve, the Fagor brand, De Dietrich, Edessa, Aspes, Frasa, In Sink Erator, Saunier Duval, Viking, LG (Air Conditioning) La SOMMELIERE, IMMERGAS, Negarra, Orbegoso, Panasonic, Frigelux, among others.

altThe service attendance desk at the headquarters, is used at the reception and forwarding of requests for technical assistance and direct support to customers. At headquarters are also administrative services, workshop technicians, service parts and accessories section.

In order to keep up with the growing demand for our services, and the satisfaction of our customers, our company has spared no efforts to endow itself with the most modern equipment, and even proceeded to purchase a property for logistic support (storage products and parts and accessories of large volume) and technical support (technical services line and cold air conditioning).

We have also been focusing on the proper training of employees and enhancing their skills. Since the advent of computer and internet and its influence on increasing the productivity and profitability of resources, have yet been made several investments to the level of computerization.